Terms and Conditions:


Check-in 3:00 pm
If the check- in time is after 5:00 you will need to pay an extra entrance to the complex.

Check-out time 12:00 Noon
If you stay after check-out hours, there will be a surplus of $20 for each extra hour taken out of your deposit.

There is a deposit of $100 as a deposit compensation that must be paid before arrival.

Tourist Reservations and Policy

  • You must confirm the booking 36 hours before arrival
  • If reservations are not confirmed, they will be deleted
  • For reasons independent of cause (such as renewal, emergency repairs, etc ...), we cannot guarantee that there will be a particular building, even if you've previously booked, but we will do our best to satisfy you.
  • Only registered guests are allowed to enter the complex
  • No tourists allowed to rent for short terms, even if you offer to pay ( we do it for your safety ).
  • Long-term rentals more than thirty days will require that the tenant is responsible for his own accounts.
  • List of guests maximum permitted per room and the recommended number of guests to sleep comfortably:
    • 1 Bedroom up to 4 guests, where you can sleep comfortably with 2
    • 2 Bedrooms up to 6 guests, where you can sleep comfortably with 4
    • 3 Bedrooms up to 8 guests, where you can sleep comfortably with 6
    • 4 Bedrooms up to 10 guests, where you can sleep comfortably with 8
  • Please secure your vehicle when parking. Although we have a controlled entrance and 24-hour security, Rosarito Inn is not responsible for any losses in the parking lot, including theft of the vehicle.
  • Parking Permissions:
    • 1-2 bedroom condos are allowed to have one parking space per condo
    • 3-& 4 bedroom condos are allowed to have 2 parking spaces per condo

Rules and Regulations:

  • Visitors should be prepared to show identification at the control to enter / exit the parking lot of the complex and when they use the pool & jacuzzi.
  • The maximum number of guests (including children) that are allowed in the unit depends on the capacity of the specified unit.
  • You can park a car to drive to the upper level of the complex.
  • The timetable and the rules of the pool & jacuzzi are written at the pool.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult while in the pool.
  • No person under 16 years is allowed in the jacuzzi.
  • No nudity of any kind.
  • No bottles or glass in the pool & common areas.
  • People who play with the elevator will be subject to immediate fine.
  • Barbecueing is not allowed on the balconies (use the clubhouse area)
  • Excessive noise & offfensive behavior are prohibited.
  • Noisy activities (music or radio loud, rowdy groups of returnees) are not permitted after 10:00.
  • Fireworks must be 100 meters away from the building & no later than 10:00.
  • No fireworks in the property, on the balconies or in the beach of Oceana.
  • Fast Pass for border crossing is provided upon request; one past pass per condo

Condo Amenities

Oceana Condominiums - Rosarito Inn is proud to offer unique condominium hotel suites in Rosarito with accommodations to make your stay comfortable and secure. Our amenities include:

Fully Furnished | All kitchen appliances | Washer and dryer | Safe and Protected Property | AC/heater | Wifi | Gated Parking | Security 24 hours | Bilingual staff