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Coming to Mexico for medical reasons?

Hospital Bonanova is located on premises at Rosarito Condominiums. Their total commitment to patients influences all aspects of their medical tourism services. Bonanova has created an excellent reputation within the professional world with their medical procedures, and is an accredited agency.

"Our belief in the quality of our medical tourism services is based on our professional training and ethics. We are confident in offering our services to those beyond our frontiers because we believe you will be very satisfied with our services."

About Bonanova Clinic

Dr. Elias Perales Acevedo, with the vision of providing outstanding patient care, created the Bonanova Clinic & Hospital and assembled a multi-disciplinary team of specialized doctors. The standard of care and approach to medicine at Bonanova Clinic sets it apart from any other Hospital or Clinic.

Code Of Conduct At Practice:

We strive for professional excellence, ethic and innovation in all we do. Our full-service facility and professional team offer excellence in health care, always clearly disclosing diagnosis and treatment process...conduct that every physician at Bonanova follows for all types of patients, illness, or clinical circumstance.

Visit the Clinic

Bonanova Clinic is a hospital appropriately equipped for all medical necessities and accommodations, including two friendly bilingual receptionists to answer your questions, set appointments and generate digitally managed patient records, two indoor comfortable waiting areas and a patio for patients and visitors.

Their in-clinic services include:

  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • Immediate Lab Analysis
  • Emergency Room - Bonanova Clinic has a dedicated Emergency room with multiple beds, oxygen, defibrillator and one doctor and two nurses on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week to attend emergencies.
  • Private Rooms - If your treatment requires a stay at Bonanova Clinic the accommodations in our private rooms, with TV, telephone and wireless Internet access, will make you forget you are here to receive medical attention.
  • Ambulances - We have fully equipped private ambulances staffed by advanced life support paramedics ready to transport you to our hospital, either across the international border or to a specific destination if requested.
    All our ambulances meet these specifications:
    1. Ventilation and Airway Equipment such as Oxygen and suction
    2. Automated Defibrillator
    3. Two way communication
    4. Infection control supplies
    5. Immobilization devices
    6. All first Aid and Obstetrical Sterile supplies

To learn more, or to book an appointment, visit the Hospital Bonanova website.

Condo Amenities

Oceana Condominiums - Rosarito Inn is proud to offer unique condominium hotel suites in Rosarito with accommodations to make your stay comfortable and secure. Our amenities include:

Fully Furnished | All kitchen appliances | Washer and dryer | Safe and Protected Property | AC/heater | Wifi | Gated Parking | Security 24 hours | Bilingual staff

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