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Poker in Rosarito

Surf. Sand. Nightlife. Poker?

Yes believe it or not, online poker is one of the most popular reasons to visit our beautiful beach town of Rosarito.

With online poker banned in the United States, many poker players have since moved elsewhere to play the game they love so much. And Rosarito has been one of the primary beneficiaries. In fact, there's more than 200 professional poker players residing in Rosarito today. (Read more in this article here).

It also helps that Rosarito is just a quick 20-minute drive from the U.S. border and English is spoken by many of the locals in town.

For those that may not have the skills of the pro poker players but miss playing poker games online, Mexico is great because there's plenty of places with fast internet service.

Our property is no exception.

If you're just looking to play recreationally, our internet is fast and reliable and we welcome any and all poker players!

If you're looking to play good ol' fashioned poker at a real table so you can display your undeterminable poker face, you can do that as well in Rosarito.

There are plenty of casinos sprouting up all around Mexico including one right here in Rosarito. The Jackpot casino is located in the Pabellon Rosarito mall, and offers several type of poker including Caribbean, Texas Hold'Em and Stud.

Throughout the year, there will be plenty of local events that feature poker games. For this reason, it's good to keep an eye on our local calendar, which is updated when new events come about.

In addition to the ability to play online poker, a Rosarito getaway offers countless other pleasures. Take some of your poker winnings and splurge on our entertainment options around the area.

After all, you don't just want to visit us and sit in front of a computer all the time do you? Rosarito is surrounded to the north and south by two excellent golf courses, Real Del Mar Golf Course and Baja Mar Golf Course.

And there's plenty of dining and shopping options to choose from when you need a break from the poker table (be it real or virtual).

Our nightlife is exceptional and features many vibrant nightclubs such as Papas and Beer which throw parties deep into the night.

Plus, there's the beach and all the options it offers such as surfing and horseback riding.

So if you're craving some online poker action, plan a trip with us to Rosarito. In addition to finding a refuge for poker, you'll also find a great vacation destination.

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