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Deep Sea Fishing

Rosarito Deep Sea Fishing

Rosarito has a long tradition for fishing, proof of that is Puerto Nuevo, Popotla, and the nearby Port of Ensenada. The Pacific Ocean is abundant in a big variety of marine life. If you love the sea and the trill of a good catch, you don’t have to think of Cabo or even Ensenada. Rosarito is positioning itself as a tourist destination that can offer a wide range of activities, including deep sea fishing and more.

A group of local fishermen are taking the initiative of offering custom fishing trips. If you want to treat your family to a peaceful sight seeing trip for fishing and stop at the nearby the islands; or let’s say that you want to treat yourself to an exiting deep sea fishing trip, you can book it from our reception office.

At Rosarito Inn Condominium Hotel Suites we can offer you a whole range of activities departing directly from our office, thanks to our friends at Cucapah Excursions. All of these trips are custom to you preference.

Here is a link to a very complete information page for fishing in Mexico, please check the Baja section

Here is a site with detailed information of the fish that you can catch in Mexican waters.

Our Experience Deep Sea Fishing: A Cucapah Excursion

On our recent trip, our trip started at noon, but for the best catch you have to leave really early in the morning to follow the eating patterns of the fish. In this case we went with a local fishermen and owner of a local restaurant; a person who enjoys fishing and has done it all his life.

We left from the nearby marina of Puerto Salina located 25 minutes south of Rosarito. This marina offers the opportunity to leave very comfortably. It’s so close to Rosarito and has all the amenities, bathrooms, restaurant, and a nice dock area.

We recommend before hand that you take a motion sickness pill the night before and another in the morning; even if you think that you don’t need it, and use plenty of sunscreen.

The trip started with some morning clouds that cleared up in an hour after we left the marina. An early morning marine layer is typical for the area. For someone that has never fished before, the first thing you need to know is that luck and patience are very important, and that the fishing trip isn’t over until you are back on the dock. The captain showed us a map of the different good spots in the area and how you can get different kinds of fish depending upon location, time of day and deepness of the water.

The first thing to know is that the fish eat really early in the morning and late in the afternoon, and a good way to spot a good area, is to see where all the birds gather to eat. Our captain set four fishing poles at the same time and some of them with 5 hooks, and yes we got lucky and reeled in 4 and 5 at the same time. Our first catch was a Bonita. Today’s fishing boats are well equipped with the latest technology in sonar and GPS and they mark every place where they have the best catch. We did the best with the really deep sea fishing of over 300 feet. We were bringing up Rock Cod, one to five at a time. The most interesting thing is that if you bring a fish up from 300 feet or more their eyes pop out and their tongue inflates, making it a funny looking thing. We kept moving from spot to spot and we caught mainly Rock Cod in many sizes. We ate it after the trip and let me tell you this fish is delicious.

The trip was so enjoyable because our captain prepared the bait and hooked the fish. We only had to bring it up since all of us were beginners. Being only guys on the trip we were happy every time that the boat accelerated with its 400 hp twin engines moving from spot to spot. We got to go around the shore and look at the Bajamar golf course. On our way to the shore, we got to see a Dorado fish, a playful young whale and a pelican but best of all we got to enjoy a good camaraderie among all of us on the boat.

A fishing tour is more than just fishing. It is a way to connect with nature, sight seeing, relax enjoy time among friends and eat what you catch. If you take your family, this is a way to teach your kids about the thrill of the catch, and of marine life in its natural habitat and not just in an aquarium or the Discovery Channel. That is priceless.

Here comes the best part, eating the catch. Our captain is owner of Restaurant la Guerita in Rosarito and he treated us to an excellent meal “Baja Style” Battered Rock Cod fish, flour tortillas, butter fried garlic with cilantro, Mexican salsa, and some beer and margaritas.

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