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Ensenada, Baja California

Known as the "Cinderella of the Pacific", Ensenada is about 45 miles south of Rosarito. Its warm Mediterranean climate, friendly atmosphere and accessibility by land, air, and sea have made Ensenada a favorite tourist destination for many years, and Mexico's second most-visited port-of-call for major cruise lines and pleasure boats.

Just head south and rejoin the toll road you came in on. You will have to pay a toll right after the AM/PM market and another one just as you get to the outskirts of Ensenada. It costs the same as on your trip to Rosarito (around $2.35 depending on exchange rate). Once you pass the second toll booth, just follow the signs on in to Ensenada. As you come into the area, you will soon see the ship yards and just continue to follow the beautiful coastal route on into town.

Ensenada is an attractive town on a lovely bay, surrounded by sheltering mountains. It has been said that Ensenada is a town built around a bar. An exaggeration, nonetheless Hussong's Cantina, which opened in 1892, has been a major influence.

Beyond the hardcore tourist traps, vineyards, museums, whale watching, and beautiful beaches are some of the attractions to Ensenada. As the third largest city in Baja California, it is one of the most important ports on the Pacific Rim. Don't miss the fish market!

Warm summers and mild winters, sunny days and cool nights are the reason more than 90% of Mexico's wines are produced in Ensenada and its surrounding regions like the Guadalupe Valley. Most wineries offer tours and wine tastings.

Ensenada is also famous for it's tourist area, with shopping, cantinas & restaurants. International, seafood and Mexican cuisine is served in many of the cities famous restaurants. The city is also popular for it's many discos and bars, including the landmark Hussongs Cantina, which has been in business since the late 1800's. The area around Lázaro Cárdenas and Lopez Mateos is considered the prime tourist zone.

Ensenada is host to international events like the famous Baja 1000 Off Road Race, the Newport - Ensenada Regatta, the Fiesta de la Vendimia wine festival, the Estero Beach Volleyball Tournament, the Rosarito - Ensenada Bike Ride, and many other events & festivities through the calendar year. See the events section for details.

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