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Getting Back

You came and enjoyed a fantastic time in a luxury condominium at Oceana Condominiums - Rosarito Inn. Now how do you get back home?

When leaving Oceana Condominiums - Rosarito Inn, take a right on the main boulevard and head to the end of town. You will be travelling to where the free road and the toll road come together at the AM/PM market.

As you get to the AM/PM, your objective is going to be to end up on the toll road in the opposite direction. You can either go to the AM/PM on the road you started on as in the first picture and then try to make a U Turn in front of the oncoming traffic, or get onto the toll road just before the AM/PM and turn into the parking lot and cut across it.

Now that you are headed north onto the toll road, follow the signs to Tijuana to stay on the toll road and not end up getting right back into town.


The Toll Road is Highway 1D and is referred to as the simply Toll Road or Cuota.

There is another road that goes off of the toll road at the north end of town and it is Highway 1, or what we call the free road. Due to all the development that has taken place recently, the free road gets extremely crowded and your easiest route is to stay on the Toll Road and enjoy the smooth road and faster travel that is provided on the toll road. The exit for the free road is at this sign. Stay on the Scenic Road.

You will approach the toll booth in approximately ten minutes. The toll is 26 pesos or approximately $2.40 depending on the exchange rate at the time you are reading this.

So far your return trip has been uneventful as you have stayed the course of the toll road. Now you are going to proceed on the road as it curves around.

Get ready to loop back around onto the road that follows the border. There are signs that clearly mark the way to San Diego, Be careful here or it will take you much longer if you end up going through downtown.

Follow that Car. You want that exit that says San Diego, Zona Rio. This is the one turn off you do not want to miss.

Now that you have looped your way off before ending up downtown, stay to your left and you will go up a hill and follow the road all the way along the border until it ends and you will have to turn left. You are well on your way now.

Once you turn left, you are going to hopefully be able to stay to the right and go into line to get across the border. On a busy Sunday afternoon, this can take a couple of hours, so be patient. If the police have this blocked off, you will have to follow the crowd and try one of the alternative routes that follow.

If you can't make that border line to the left, you will end up here. Just follow one of the routes marked on the map to swing back around Plaza Rio Shopping Center and get into a different line.

Follow the signs on whichever route you choose and you will make it into one of many lines to get you across the border.

Then its over the border line and on to San Diego.

Thank you for your visit and we hope to see you back real soon.

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Condo Amenities

Oceana Condominiums - Rosarito Inn is proud to offer unique condominium hotel suites in Rosarito with accommodations to make your stay comfortable and secure. Our amenities include:

Fully Furnished | All kitchen appliances | Washer and dryer | Safe and Protected Property | AC/heater | Wifi | Gated Parking | Security 24 hours | Bilingual staff