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Rosarito Volleyball

Get all the latest news on Volleyball games held on the beach each year in Rosarito.

Baja Bound Insurance Services

Driving to Baja? Proudly serving Baja travelers online since 1999. - The easiest way to buy Mexican insurance!, (888) 552-2252


Tapanco Steakhouse

Oceana Grill & Cafe

Susanna's Cuisine of the Californias

Rosarito Info

For the best information on Rosarito Beach and what to do here. This site takes you to local stores and events to find out what is happening in Rosarito Beach, Baja California.

Baja California Artists & Art Galleries showcases original fine art paintings and sculptures by Baja California Artists!

Baja Expo

Mexico Expo Travel Guide...Mexico's Largest Internet Travel Guide. Before you go to Mexico... Go toMexico Expo!

Baja Studios

Visit Baja Studios in Rosarito. This is where Titanic was filmed and has some of the largest water tanks that make excellent filming locations. Many movies with water scenes such as Pearl Harbor, Deep Blue Sea, and others have been filmed here.

Papas & Beer

Papas and Beer has been one of the most famous beach club attractions for many years. This beach club is the biggest on the west coast and hosts some of the most popular events for the youth.

Rosarito Department of Tourism

For tourist information on Rosarito Beach and the surrounding community.

Discover Baja Travel Club

Our aim through Discover Baja is to enhance your experience of Baja California. We want the Club to be your best travel information source as you explore the marvels and probe the mysteries of this fascinating and ever-changing peninsula.

Baja PassCard

Getting Here

Welcome to Mexico

Automobile Insurance

Four U.S. carriers provide full coverage in Mexico: Allstate, Farmers, State Farm and AAA, to a distance of 75 miles south of the border. Typically this means to and including Ensenada. However, Mexico does not recognize this coverage and the visitor must obtain the minimum liability and property damage coverage in order to avoid complications in the event of an accident. You can be detained if you do not have a policy recognized in Mexico at the time of an accident, even if your American policy will cover you.

Insurance can also be obtained for an occasional visit at one of many “Mexican Insurance” agencies located just north of the border at The San Ysidro Blvd freeway off ramp or can be purchased by more frequent visitors on a 30 days a year plan for much less than buying insurance for each visit at the border.

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Getting Back

You came and enjoyed a fantastic time in a luxury condominium at Oceana Condominiums - Rosarito Inn. Now how do you get back home?

When leaving Oceana Condominiums - Rosarito Inn, take a right on the main boulevard and head to the end of town. You will be travelling to where the free road and the toll road come together at the AM/PM market.

As you get to the AM/PM, your objective is going to be to end up on the toll road in the opposite direction. You can either go to the AM/PM on the road you started on as in the first picture and then try to make a U Turn in front of the oncoming traffic, or get onto the toll road just before the AM/PM and turn into the parking lot and cut across it.

Now that you are headed north onto the toll road, follow the signs to Tijuana to stay on the toll road and not end up getting right back into town.


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Border Info

Regarding Passports

Passports are required for all U.S. citizens traveling to or from the United States via land as well as air or sea, regardless of destination. Nationals of countries other than the USA and Canada should verify requirements that apply to them with the Embassy of Mexico in their home countries, or with the website of the Mexican Embassy in the United States. 

What generally happens when you arrive in Mexico from the USA and Canada is that you’re issued a tourist card, frequently referred to as an FMT.  The cost of the travel card is typically included in the cost of your airline ticket.  If you arrive in Mexico at one of the many USA/Mexico border crossings other procedures apply and you are required to obtain the FMT immediately after crossing into Mexico (ask one of the Mexican immigration/border control agents where you should do this). 

If you plan to live and or work in Mexico

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Condo Amenities

Oceana Condominiums - Rosarito Inn is proud to offer unique condominium hotel suites in Rosarito with accommodations to make your stay comfortable and secure. Our amenities include:

Fully Furnished | All kitchen appliances | Washer and dryer | Safe and Protected Property | AC/heater | Wifi | Gated Parking | Security 24 hours | Bilingual staff