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7 Fun Things

7 Fun Things To Do in Rosarito

The Rosarito Beach area is home to a wide variety of entertainment options. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a night out with friends, or some family activities, you can find fun in Rosarito.

There’s always something to entertain you. Here are seven things we recommend you do when you visit Rosarito.


Horseback Riding

A Rosarito specialty! There is nothing more enjoyable then going for a horseback ride while the sun is setting and hearing the sounds of the waves crash against the beach. Guided tours are available outside several beachfront hotel properties.


Spend some time at the Pabellon Rosarito Grand, which is home to some of the best retailers in the Americas, and local Mexican fare. It is also home to movie theatres for local residents and tourists.

There are also plenty of specialty art shops that sell some of the best hand crafted Mexican pottery, furniture, leather and much more. Many of these stores can be found on the town’s main street, Boulevard Benito Juarez, and there are plenty of free parking spots at well!

Visit the Mercado with nearly 100 stalls located next to the El Nido restaurant. Shop from rugs, fountains, statues and more.


For those looking for a party, Rosarito is the right place. Papas and Beer is the largest beach club on the west coast and is the premier spring break party spot. All of the clubs are in the same general vicinity of each other along the boulevard, so it makes a great opportunity to go see different bars. Many popular artists have performed in Rosarito including Tiesto, and rappers Sean Paul, 50 Cent and Fat Joe. There are also more casual nightclubs in the area, if you’re not into the all-night party scene. More information

Baja Studios

Take a tour of Baja Studios which is where the acclaimed film “Titantic” was produced along with other major motion pictures such as “Master and Commander” and “Pearl Harbor.” The studios are home to the world’s largest stages and film tanks. Baja Studios is located three miles from Rosarito.

Whale Watching

Head to the beach anytime from December to March and witness the migration of the beautiful Gray Whale. The whales return to the south each winter to the region’s lagoons for breeding.


While many may see Rosarito as more of a party destination, it still is one of the best places in Baja California to fish. Enjoy a day out on the beautiful blue seas of the Pacific Ocean while casting your line for fish such as flounder and rock cod.

Winery Tours

The wineries in Baja California are blessed with one of the most suitable climates for grape growing. Guadeloupe Valley which is more than two-thirds the size of Napa Valley, has 16 different wineries to visit. View the full list of wineries in Northern Baja here.

Stay with the Rosarito Inn as we are located right in the heart of wine country! More information.

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